>>Interview to the mexican duo the peppersplum

1) Welcome! It’s a pleasure to interview you for System failure. Who are your main musical influences?

Both: Hey hi thanks for this interview, is nice to be here.
Marie: music influences we like all the old stuff from 50’s to 70’s also we like old Italian songs
Sussie: Yes as Marie said, we like old music, old rock and roll. Beatles, U2, Elvis, Nicola di Bari etc..

2) How was your passion for music born?

Sussie: Ah well! Since we were little, we dreamt to be in a stage singing. We used to do little plays in our family reunions.
Marie: I can’t say a proper age, since i remember it has been our goal.

3) Did you play for other bands before forming/joining the band?

Both: No, (they smile)
Sussie: We are sisters, and we always wanted to form a band of our own, we wanted to express ourselves, what are most of our songs, our feelings, our thinks, our songs are sincere. Most bands are integrated by men, so there were a little space for two girls,
Marie: Yes, that´s why we write our own songs together.

4) How do your songs usually take shape?

Marie: Melody and words always come together, so when we usually have a melody it comes with lyrics, other times we say I feel, or I like to talk about of this in a song and we work on it.
Sussie: Yes, we like to pour out our thinks and feelings in our lyrics, the way we write is sincere because is something you could bet we could say, something that is part of us and it’s us.

5) How would you describe the band/the project in a few words to someone who doesn’t know you?

Sussie: Lots of music, lots of fun, we always like to do our music with meaningful lyrics, lyrics that talk about a world, but also with this vibrant joy and lots of fun
Marie: Original music, that’s not stick to any genre, we play what we like and thankfully people enjoy it and find it refreshing.

6) How did you come up with the idea for the band? 

Marie: Well, we always since we were very little we always play music, we sing and write songs together, the band properly formed was just the next step
Sussie: The band wasn’t an idea that just came up. It was always our goal to do music and sing it. We knew since we were children, that was what, we wanted. It may sound a cliché, but music is our live.

7) What should we expect from you in the future? Are you working on some new music at the moment?

Marie: This year we hope to end recording two new albums entitled FAST LOVE VOL I and FAST LOVE VOL II, we have some interesting places to do shows.
Sussie: We’re always doing some music; some shows are coming, more and more from the Peppersplum this year.

8) How is your perfect live show?

Sussie: It’s a party, where everybody is welcome to have fun and have a wonderful time singing and dancing with us.
Marie: It’s a moment that last for ever in everybody’s mind, a moment of full happiness.

9) Thank you very much for your time. If there is anything else you want to say, please say it!

Sussie: Thanks a lot to you it’s always a pleasure to talk, and answer these questions, and been in touch with the people who care about our work.
Marie: Yes thanks, we hope soon share with all of you the new stuff and visit La bella Italia.

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