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>>Lucky and love talks of his music

1)Welcome! It’s a pleasure to interview you for System failure. How was your passion for music born?

loren luck: Not sure really, my mom says she would leave the radio on when I was baby, but ever since I could remember, I loved listening to music, and got a lot of emotional charge from it. I had Disney records, my mom’s tapes, plus MTV was big influence too. I couldn’t wait to go to the record store and see what was new. I picked up drumming in Jr. high and was off and running. played in a few bands off and on. Then I picked a keyboard a few years ago, to noodle around with along with learning how to do live looping,

april love: So to answer your question, I think the very first passion started when the cells were dividing in the womb? My parents got married (still married) in this church with a giant pipe organ (which is odd for Los Angeles), they had a rad record collection. Then when I came out there was walking before crawling, playing music before reading. At 3, I’d tap the piano or organ keys gently to create pizzicato effect for my weird improvisations, then started proper lessons at 4. On the way to school, my dad and I would sing our own songs in the car so I could memorize stuff, and I notated my first composition (in my hello kitty book) at 6. I joined kids singing groups, and took flute (not great at it), and more piano and vocal lessons. 12, I took guitar lessons, 16, stand up bass lessons and received my first keyboard. I crashed in a local all boys synth alternative group’s band practice and jumped on their Yamaha dx7. I was hooked on the synth thing and bought an old Juno synthesizer. Recording at home, and formed a few art bands in San Francisco and Los Angeles. But, Seriously … playing music with Loren was a musical passion reborn for sure!

2)How do your songs usually take shape?

loren luck:Really it’s just kind of magical, when we are writing new stuff. April and I jam out and something just kind of materializes, it’s totally organic and subconscious. Sometimes she comes up with some chord progression and I’ll jump in with a beat that I loop live, then we throw down some bass line that gets live looped, then we tinker around with some synth sounds that fits the mood. The key for me is live looping thru my pedal. It allows me to capture stuff on the spot. We don’t use any computers at any level of our music, and I think it opens us up to be more creative and spontaneous. Other times I’ll be just noodling around and she’ll jump in with some amazing sound, and just start riffing.

april love: Ha! Yes, magical. And well to be honest, our engineers did have to use computers! But, we would prefer to record straight to tape and have a tape engineer cut it straight to vinyl, and hopefully, one day we could afford to record that way as an experiment of never passing through a computer. But, for this next project we are recording on high powered devices and will give the digital files to our engineer, Be Hussey to mix at his place called Comp-ny studio in L.A. We wrote and recorded a whole record in front of a live audience while playing in Moscow, Idaho, that will eventually be released on cassette when the timing is right (or not?) as an omage to our improvisational chemistry.

3) How would you describe the band/the project in a few words to someone who doesn’t know you?

loren luck: indie electronic dark synth. Cocteau Twins – ish, dunno really…

april love: Synthwave, New Retro Electro, you know it could be mistaken for a cross between a soundtrack for the NetFlix’s TV show “Stranger Things” and members of Ladytron’s side project and maybe throw in some “Italians Do It Better” influences.

4)How did you come up with the idea for the band?

loren luck:Well the name came from when we got married, I designed a screen printed poster for our wedding invitation and we came with name for a tag line “lucky and love”. We are lucky to have found each other and are in love ( a bit cheesy, but it totally works) plus, we met at the bar called the “good luck bar”. A year later we started talking about doing a electronic project together, I had picked up a keyboard and electronic drum kit and was inspired Reggie Watts to do live looping. For her birthday she got a Moog and then we just started fooling around. It’s so easy for us to come up songs, we just feed off one another…

april love: Luck is really a choice when you think about it, it’s there for you when you notice it. The posters that Loren screen printed as our wedding invitations were printed with glow in the dark ink so basically, everyone that showed up at the wedding were lucky enough to have figured out to read it in the dark. I think part of the luck also is that we are totally crazy about each other, and perhaps out of shear luck of meeting in person (not online) and not previously killing each other in our first musical project, we make it work, and the musical Saturday nights make it even spicier, then a standard couple. I am even starting to feel weird, when other guys ask me to play music with them since writing songs with Loren is such a romantic activity. Oh and, yeah, we were lucky enough to hang out with Reggie at the Moog Fest, and I gave him a big, big, biiiiigggg hug for inspiring Loren on the looping!

5) Please, name us one new track that you are sure it will be call as a ‘favourite’ by all your fans.

loren luck:When we play live, “Full Moon” seems to be the favorite, we get complemented or asked about it. as for the other songs Sexy, Venus, & Mars have been popular.

april love: My favorite oops.. first ‘favourite’ song is “You’ll Never Know”, mainly for the lyrics and I enjoy singing it the most. I think it’s an important idea to share with the world. When it was released as a single, Spring of 2015, I envisioned a music video with a bunch of kids with telekinesis, the premise would be to not avoid sharing talents with the world; hoping for more acceptance of people that are different. Through out my life, I had a ton of dreams where items were floating around in my dreams, a reoccurring nightmare, actually. Till one day, in my dream, I could move objects with my mind, lucidly, it was kind of a break through dream for me, very healing, and I attribute it to the song. Also, I love “Taureon” since the textures are so powerful, riveting and especially live, we hope to feature what’s so great about analog sounds which can move and shape our energy if we let it.

6) I think your sound is quite varied and composite. What has your feedback been like at live shows?

loren luck:It’s been great, we try to expand on our sound at shows

april love: I think when a group gathers something changes in the electrical chemistry coming out of our gear. We had great shows on our tour in Oakland, Portland and Seattle that were incredible. People come up to tell us “Full Moon” was their favourite. I look out at the crowd and make eye contact with the audience, and I watch the crowd. The clubbing types respond to “Sexy”, “Venus”, and “Digging in the Earth” and while the introverts are standing back in the shadows of the club. But then the more “sensitive” listener types move in closer to the stage for “You’ll Never Know” and “Full Moon” and the clubbing fans sometimes grab another drink. It’s really cool to see that transformation happen. We try and promote to a very niche audience who LOVE synth-wave, especially in Los Angeles to connect with our own tribe.

7)Any plans to tour? Would you like to come play in Italy at some point?

loren luck: Yes, we went on small northwest U.S. tour back in April. we would love to come to Italy, it such a beautiful and romantic and inspiring place to be. we seem to be getting a lot of fans overseas, and would love for to play for them. maybe next year we can get funding to get out there

april love: We were invited a couple times to play in the U.K. We are totally independent. We’ve had quite a few U.K sales of our record, which we are saving every penny of to support a couple European tours.

8) What should we expect from you in the future? Are you working on some new music at the moment?

loren luck:Yes, we are currently recording our 2nd album, storyboarding another video and working a new stage set up.

april love: Our new album demos are all written and we are currently recording them. A couple are pretty damn emotional, and then some are fun and flirty. We are looking forward to sharing them with the whole world!!!  We released tracks one by one as singles for the first 5 tracks of our last record, but for this one, we’ll likely wait for some exclusive magazine features or media debuts before we release them to the public. People will certainly hear more from us before 2016 is over!

9)Thank you for your collaboration and thanks for your music!!

loren luck: Thanks Felix for the opportunity and support.

april love: Thanks Felix!!!!!!!!














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