>>Inteview for Daniel Vezoja

1) Welcome to System failure! Can you tell us about your personal artistic path till today?

I started playing the guitar when I was 13 years old. One day I came home and there was an acoustic guitar in the corner. My dad bought it on a whim cause he used to play a little bit when he was in his teens. I remember being fascinated by how it looked, cause I don’t think I ever saw one up close before. So a friend showed me some chords and that’s how it started. Soon after I learned the basics I started writing my own songs. And that – songwriting- has been the thing I always loved the most about music.
I formed a band called TrainStation in high school with my friends. I was writing songs, playing guitar and singing in that band and it’s the only band I’ve ever been in until I started the solo thing I’m doing now.

2)What are your musical influences?

There’s loads. But maybe Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Tom Petty and Gillian Welch are the ones that I owe to the most.

3)How did your songs take shape? How did you compose it / write it?

It’s different every time. It can be very hard to write. But I’ve found I just need to write a lot, not worry too much about what I’m writing at a specific moment and that way the creative muscles wake up and good ideas start to show up. Sometimes it starts with the lyrics, sometimes with the music. I’m the happiest when it all happens at the same time.

4) In the press sheet it was written that your album “Where The Light Resides” it is a “nocturnal album”. What can you say about that? Can you tell us about your sounds?

Some of my favorite albums are the ones I enjoy listening to late at night. Usually when I’m driving alone home from somewhere. They all seem to be a bit slower in tempo and tackle more personal themes. You know when you get a feeling you’re having a heart to heart with the artist? When I was listening to the album we made, it felt to me that this collection of songs had that kind of vibe to them.

5)How it was the experience about recording the album? Can you tell us something about it?

Making this album was a dream come true in a lot of ways. First, I finally got to make a proper album and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Second, I always dreamed of making an album with someone who was a part of one of my favorite albums. And with Gavin Glass who was the producer, this dream came true. He worked on Lisa Hannigan’s Passanger and that was one of my favorite albums the year before I met him. We recorded the album in Dublin in Gavin’s Orphan Recording Studio. It was a real joy making it, all due to Gavin. He’s a master musician, a great songwriter in his own right and we have the same musical taste. So it was really easy to work with him. It was also a life changing experience watching him work and make my songs sound even more beautiful than I initially hoped for.

6)What’s your favourite song in the album?

I’m still very happy with every song on the album. Each one is special to me in its own way. I really can’t choose.

7)Can you tell us where can everyone find informations about you as an artist? Where does we can listen to the record?
You can find info on me on my website (www.danielvezoja.com) or my FB music page (www.facebook.com/daniel.vezoja). The album is available on all digital platforms and shouldn’t be hard to find. You can get a physical copy on my Bandcamp page (https://danielvezoja.bandcamp.com/) .

8)As a conclusion, can you give the reason, in your opinion, on why the audience has to listen to Daniel Vezoja?

Ah I wouldn’t dare to think that anyone has to listen to my album. Personally I’m very proud of it, it’s the best thing I’ve done musically so far. So if anyone comes across it, I hope there’s something on the album they will like.