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>>Interview with Breaking forms

1)Welcome! It’s a pleasure to interview you for System failure. Who are your main musical influences?

Hey! Thank you for having us. Our main influences are varied and many… Our music is born from a patchwork of all of them. I think it’s safe to say that we were influenced by Youth Lagoon or DIIV as well as Joy Division and LCD Soundsystem and also Prince and Philip Glass. Maybe more than the bands themselves, we’ve actually looked at music movements for musical references more than bands in particular. The exploration of reverb and loop repetition, heavy production and lack of production, these are musical themes that have influenced the way we work our way into music.

2)How was your passion for music born?

Juan: When I was 7, my sister gave me a mixtape that had Beastie Boys, Ratt, Sex Pistols and New Kids on the Block on it. That was it for me.

Nicole: There was always music in my house. It felt very natural, even though none of my family members were real musicians. It all started when I got my first drum kit (age 9) for xmas.

3)Did you play for other bands before?

Nicole : We both had previous bands based out of of the small but very prolific indie scene of Chile. I used to play in Condor Jet. We released two albums, played in festivals, toured around Europe and Latin America. We are actually planning on releasing a new EP later this year.

Juan: I used to play in Picnic Kibun. It was a fun lovin’ experimental electronic party band.

4)How do your songs usually take shape?

Our songs will start with a small riff that inspires us to build and build and build on it. Once we’ve made a cathedral of sound with excessive parts and sounds, we begin to deconstruct, and deconstruct and remove and cut away, leaving the sounds we actually feel make up the song.

5)Where born the inspiration for your music? And lyrics?

Inspiration for the music and lyrics is based on our everyday lives and desires for life.  Thus far, it’s a bit of an autobiographic narrative. We live, we write. Some songs rescue fun and joyful experiences, whereas others reflect more of darkness and frustration.

6)Your band seems to merge perfectly dream-pop, indie rock and indie-pop. Can you tell me something about your debut EP and the sound you were going for?

Thank you! The EP was a side A/B showing a bit of the contrast we were experimenting with in the beginning. It doesn’t define a specific direction for the sound of the band because it only shows the duality of joy vs dark (A/B). The sounds we are going for will be more defined in our upcoming LP and should express less of a duality and more of an experiment with varied types of sounds. We tried to constantly make a study of space, looking for not only contrasting rhythmic composition (open / closed), but also looked for different layers that would superimpose themselves on to each other. Layers that could be heard one over the other. The study of space comes from our use of reverbs, as it plays a role of the space we try to convey, whether it’s a large drowning space or an up-close and personal dry take.

7)What are the instruments are you guys mainly use in creating your music?

Our set up is vocals that run through an effects and loop processor, guitar running through pedal board into the soundcard (no amp). For synth sounds we rely heavily on Moog Minitaur and Prophet 12 synths.

8)How is your perfect live show?

Sweat-wet t-shirts, high-pitched screams, fair share of psychedelics and a lot of love to go around.

9)What should we expect from you in the future?

We are working on the LP that will be out later this year. After that, you should expect nothing short of world domination.

10)Finally…why should anybody listen to Breaking Forms?

People should listen to Breaking Forms because in laboratory settings it has be proven to be a cure for apathy and stand-stillness. You should listen to it to pick you up and also to set you up for chills. Listen to Breaking Forms to find, nurture and share love.