>>Interview by Domadora

1) Hey, welcome to System Failure. We like your album a lot. How did you guys all come together as a band?

Few years ago we used to play together and have jams in different clubs in Paris and then we tried the first time in a studio only to improvise music without plans and withaout structure and we decided to build Domadora on the simple idea that we could play music much as possible without closing the structures. We played with different drummers and Alex joined us 2 years ago.

2)Can you talk me about your musical background?

We all three come from different styles. Blues, rock, maybe metal sometimes, hip hop why not, jazz, classical too. We play towards the 70’s rock psychedelic sound. We never stayed in a closing style.

3)Can tell me something about the sound of The Violent Mystical Sukuma? How born this album?

We always improvise music. Then sounds and stuffs come naturally. For us an album just corresponds to a sequency that we use to play as we record. This is a part of our spiritual journey. Each piece is a experience in a global trip. Sukuma means an elevation. The way of elevation of conscience is violent and mystic. When you heart this music you can do it in the darkness of the night for exemple, you close your eyes and you try to open the doors of your mind and then you will enter in a magic trip and sometimes you will understand somethings. Like an shamanic experience.

4)Listening to your music I feel, at times, something evocative and spiritual. Is it true or not?

We are really thinking that music reveals the uncunsious part of our mind. In your life, you have experiences, joys and sorrows, you feel angry, sad, you have frustrations and a lot of other colors. When you play something improvising, that kind of things will get out if you let the doors open. Then yes definitly we can say that our music would be like a spiritual way to find something invisible in our mind. We trust it. This is the only way we try.

5)Where born the inspiration for your music?

I think we have no control about it. Maybe it is like a synopsys of our life experiences, as we said, sorrows, joys, anger, sadness, frustrations, loves, hates. Anyway it is realy pleasant to approche music like this.

6)I think your sound is quite varied and composite. What has your feedback been like at live shows?

After shows sometimes, people come talk to us and we can hear a lot of various comments. But the most of them turn around the daze leaded by the music. And this is exactly we want to do. Drum rolls or guitar chorus are not important, Bass + drum + guitar must be only one machine to stunning people.

7)Any plans to tour? Would you like to come play in Italy at some point?

Oh yes we would love to come in Italy. It would be hot. We had contacts with Gabriele from Black rainbows one time. Turning in Italy! It would be cool..

8)Your songs are often full of energy. What do you think about that?

We don’t realise it we just feel to do it like that.

9)Which one of your songs are you most proud of?

We are most proud of the song we don’t know before to go on stage, we will play it and travel across it and we will forget it after.

10)Finally..Why should anybody listen to Domadora?

Because Domadora only play real music, with an authentic approach, without rule and barriers. This is heavy and sincere, sweet and violent, melodious and tortured. This is like the real life.